Video Resources for Pet Tips, Tricks and Health Advice

Dr. Helmers describes the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) located within the Glen Carbon location of Hawthorne Animal Hospital. She also discusses how we provide the best overnight care with a doctor on staff 24/7.

Dr. Helmers describes some conditions you already know would be an emergency, as well as some things to watch for that should be treated as an emergency. These are the conditions you should call us for immediately. We are available 24/7 for your pet’s urgent needs.

Dr. Davis describes all the things you can expect from a Nose-to-Tail exam of your dog when you come to our clinic. She also discusses the frequency of when these annual (or bi-annual) wellness exams should happen.

Dr. Davis describes all the things you can expect from our Nose-to-Tail exam of your cat when you come to our veterinary clinic in Glen Carbon or Troy. She also discusses how frequently you need a thorough exam.

It is never easy when the time comes to let your pet go. Learn more from Dr. Ellen Helmers about how our clinic helps guide you through this difficult process.

Dr. Helmers describes her certification in hospice and at home euthanasia. We help tailor these appointments to you and your family’s needs when it comes to end of life care.

Dr. Myer talks about how our latest service, Sit.Stay.Heal., offers our pet owners the option to text us to see if their pet needs to be seen or just monitored.

Dr. Amber Spaur talks about the measures we are taking at Hawthorne Animal Hospital to ensure the safety of you and your pet during COVID-19.