Hawthorne Mentoring Program

Hands-On Training at a Top-of-the-Line Medical Facility

As you near your veterinary school graduation date, you have two big choices. Do you enter a residency program to concentrate on one specialty, or do you jump feet-first into the field to begin building a general practice?

For those with the drive to hit the ground running and the desire to expand their skills in all areas of care, Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Glen Carbon, IL. offers hands-on, expert-led training you won’t find anywhere else—and a competitive salary and benefits that stands out in the market. Through our renowned Mentoring Program, new graduates not only partner with experienced mentors to learn the ins and outs of running a practice, but they also become part of our specialty care teams, working alongside our surgeons to diagnose and treat the most critical cases.

Be rewarded for your hard work! Hawthorne offers an industry-leading salary and benefits package for new vets entering the field!

Our goal is to provide you with the confidence, the expertise and the skills you need to shape your career and set the foundation for success in the years to come.

“I was nervous about joining a practice right out of vet school, but the staff and nurses offer so much direction and training that all my worry disappeared. They’re here for whatever you need, and when that stress is taken away, you can better focus on your patient.”

Helping You Grow Your Career From Day One

Many of our experienced veterinarians started their general practice journey years ago in one of two ways—they were either thrown into running a practice with little on-the-job training or spent their days devoted to vaccinations and anal gland expressions while the senior vets in their office shut them out of the operating room.

At Hawthorne, we know you’ve been preparing for this day for the past eight years and want to give you every opportunity to create the career you’ve always pictured. As one of the only AAHA-accredited animal hospitals in Southern Illinois, Hawthorne provides you with guidance when you need it, a full line of specialties to broaden your expertise, and the freedom to discover your passion in a professional, fast-paced environment.

  • When you join Hawthorne’s Mentoring Program, you’ll be matched with a Hawthorne veterinarian who will be your go-to during training. For the first few days, you’ll learn the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a practice, including record keeping, scheduling and our advanced computer system.
  • For one month, you’ll work side-by-side with the doctors in our 24/7 emergency room and ICU before taking your first overnight shift. During your shifts, you’ll have full access to our on-call senior veterinarians who can assist with any questions about treatment, patient care and diagnostics.

Once you move to the day shift, you’ll join experts in orthopedics, internal medicine, surgery, and emergency care in the operating room to receive training in cutting-edge technologies and treatments unavailable in traditional practices. Many vets in Hawthorne’s Mentoring Program say they scrub in sooner than their peers in residency and are more well-rounded in a variety of life-saving procedures after just two years.

“Since joining Hawthorne, my confidence level alone has increased tenfold. I never thought I would be doing procedures beyond check-ups and vaccines at this point, but the number of surgeries I already have under my belt has put me ahead of the game. To have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and treat patients rather than simply refer them to another provider is more than I imagined two years ago.”

A Job You'll Love, A Community You'll Cherish

We know you have a variety of practices to choose from in towns big and small. Whether you’re a city lover or country dweller, Hawthorne’s location in Glen Carbon, Ill. offers the best of both worlds in a close-knit community.

Why choose Edwardsville/Glen Carbon to build your career?

  • Voted one of the best places to live by Money magazine for its low cost of living, low crime rates and high-quality education system
  • A variety of housing to choose from, from historic homes to modern condominiums
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  • Hop in your car for a 25-minute drive to St. Louis to experience world-class entertainment, free cultural attractions and non-stop family fun

Take the Next Step in Your Career

We know you want to do the best for your patients. That’s why all of us—from our senior veterinarians to our skilled staff—are right by your side at every step to help you provide the ultimate in care from day one. To learn more about our Mentoring Program or to take a tour of our facility, please call 618-288-3971.