Advanced Pet Care in an Emergency and for the Every Day

Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Glen Carbon and Troy is committed to every pet at every stage of their life. If your puppy mistakes your sock for food or your older dog needs a little hands-on therapy to quiet the creaking in their joints, we’re here to address every bellyache, bump or broken bone that may come your pet’s way—night or day.

As a top-rated veterinarian clinic and 24-hour pet hospital, Hawthorne is staffed with veterinarians, technicians and technicians trained in the latest advanced pet care treatments. Our full line of specialty services includes:

  • 24/7 Emergency Care – When your pet is in crisis, you can’t wait for your vet clinic to open—you need help now. Hawthorne is the only 24-hour emergency animal hospital in the St. Louis Metro East and is open to any pet in the region.
  • Diagnostics – If you’re wondering why your cat has been limping or your dog doesn’t want to eat, Hawthorne can get right to the root of their injury or illness with our laboratory, radiology and ultrasound services.
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – Our 24/7 medical team provides your pet with continual monitoring as well as extra attention and love as they recuperate from surgery in our advanced ICU.
  • Surgery – Hawthorne’s veterinarians are experts in routine and advanced surgical procedures, from tumor removals to complex orthopedics, making us the top surgical referral clinic and vet specialty hospital in Madison and St. Clair counties.
  • Rehab – Hawthorne can help your pet bounce back after an injury, restore mobility lost to arthritis and age, and improve their overall quality of life with traditional physical therapy services.
  • Underwater Treadmill TherapyWhether your pet needs to lose weight, recover after surgery or just get in a walk on a rainy day, they can get their muscles moving on one of the only underwater treadmills in the area.
  • Dental Care – Healthy teeth mean a healthier body. By taking care of your pet’s smile now with a yearly cleaning, you can prevent many life-threatening medical conditions that start in an infected tooth or in swollen gums.
  • Chemotherapy – When your dog or cat is diagnosed with cancer, there is hope. Hawthorne offers customized in-clinic and at-home chemotherapy treatment plans that target the tumor and help prevent it from spreading.
  • End of Life Care – Our vets focus on your pet’s wellness throughout their lives—including when it’s time to say good-bye. Our family-focused hospice, palliative care and at-home euthanasia services provide comfort in your pet’s final days

For more information on any of our advanced pet care treatment options, contact our team at 618-288-3971.