24/7 Pet Care When The Unexpected Happens

Emergencies don’t care about office hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve—when your pet is suffering from an illness or injury, you want to ease their pain as quickly as possible. And waiting for your vet’s office to open only escalates their discomfort and your worry.

Hawthorne Animal Hospital is the only veterinary clinic in the Metro East that offers emergency services and hospitalization 24 hours a day. Staffed with experienced veterinarians and technicians 365 days a year, Hawthorne can triage emergencies at a moment’s notice and start diagnostics and treatment in minutes, helping your pet get on the road to recovery sooner.

At Hawthorne, we’re at our best when your pets are at their worst.

Our ER is open to all pet families in the Metro East.

What to Expect at your ER or Pet Urgent Care Visit

When you arrive at the emergency veterinary clinic at Hawthorne, your pet will be evaluated by one of our DVMs (veterinary physicians). Appropriate triage and care will be provided as directed by the veterinarian to ensure your pet’s safety during evaluation. After the initial assessment, the veterinarian will discuss with you the necessary diagnostic and medical procedures for sustained care and treatment.

In most cases, a pet who has undergone significant trauma or a life-threatening illness will require extended supervision in our facility to aid in their rehabilitation and recovery. Our intensive care unit (ICU) provides around-the-clock treatment and monitoring from our critical care team in the hours following your pet’s diagnosis or procedure. Instead of turning off the lights and heading for home at 5 p.m., Hawthorne’s ICU team stays on-site overnight to keep a constant eye on your pet.

Even if Hawthorne is not your primary vet, we are here as your after-hours vet. After completion of all procedures, your regular veterinarian will receive an evaluation letter with copies of all medical records regarding the services your pet received while in the care of our emergency vet clinic team.

ER, Diagnostic and ICU Services – 24/7/365

Pet Emergency Hospital Policies

  1. Emergencies will be seen on a triage basis. Whenever possible, we ask that owners call before coming to the hospital so that our staff can better assist you when you arrive. Staff can be waiting at our side door with a gurney if necessary and help you with your pet.
  2. Payment is due in full at time of service—we do not bill or permit payment plans. Hawthorne accepts cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, Care Credit, and Scratchpay (a no-credit-needed financing option). All surgeries and major procedures require payment of the high-end of estimated fees in full at the time of admission.
  3. Hawthorne Animal Hospital is a hospital. For the safety and well-being of our staff and patients, we ask that visiting pets be kept to a minimum. All hospitalized patient owners will be given a copy of the “Patient’s Bill of Rights” regarding our visitation policy.

All ER visits include a brief diagnostic panel that checks kidney function, blood pressure, glucose levels, red blood cell levels, and a variety of other warning signs. 

We know this can be a scary and uncertain time for pet owners—our 24-hour vet clinic is here to help any way we can!

No emergency fee for Hawthorne clients!