Hawthorne's Pet ICU - Helping Your Dog Or Cat Through The Hard Days Ahead

The hours following a high-risk surgery or the diagnosis of a serious illness are the most critical. Complications, infections, and even hemorrhaging and shock can put your pet’s life at risk once they come out of the operating room. Yet, many veterinary clinics are ill-equipped to handle the special needs of their patients, discharging pets too early and forcing their owners to play technician—or step into the role of ambulance driver as they shuttle their pet between the emergency hospital and their primary vet clinic.

Hawthorne Animal Hospital takes the stress off worried pet parents by admitting any high-risk patients into our in-house intensive care unit (ICU) at our Glen Carbon location. Depending on the severity of a pet’s health injury or illness, they may stay several hours after surgery or for days while their condition stabilizes. It’s our goal to ensure no dog or cat returns home until they’re physically ready, and their families are better prepared to provide care.

Hawthorne offers the only 24-hour ICU in the Metro East. A full medical team dedicated to your pet—day and night.

The Benefits of an ICU and 24-hour Emergency Animal Hospital in Edwardsville

From the moment a pet enters our ICU, they are treated and observed by a full team dedicated to their recovery. While your pet is away from you, you can trust that:

  • Your pet will be charted every hour, 24 hours a day to monitor their heart rate, temperature, breathing, and other critical vital signs
  • A veterinarian and three to four technicians are on site overnight to immediately address any complications
  • An oxygenated kennel is available to patients who require high levels of oxygen during recovery
  • While your pet is hospitalized, they’ll receive examinations twice a day to ensure any changes in their status are captured and any necessary treatment modifications are made
  • Our ICU team rotates every 12 hours so your pet has a constant care team, no matter the time of day

Once your pet is discharged, your veterinarian will provide you with a custom care plan to continue any treatments and medications at home.

In addition to providing pets with medical boarding immediately following a procedure, Hawthorne offers many of the same services to dogs and cats who are boarded in our facility when their owners are out of town. Pets who require extra assistance and attention because of their age or a chronic condition are provided with a higher level of supervision during their stay with us.

To learn more about our ICU, contact our vet clinic in Glen Carbon at 618-288-3971.