Boarding for Dogs and Cats in Glen Carbon and Edwardsville

Comfy Accommodations & 24/7 On-Site Vet Care

You always want your pet by your side, so when you have to head out of town, it can be hard to find someone who will care for your dog or cat as well as you do—especially if they have serious medical issues.

When you board your pet at Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Glen Carbon, you can trust our team will treat them like our own. We’ve been caring for pets for more than 50 years and know how to ease the anxiety and worry many feel when they’re separated from their families. Our skilled staff not only performs the daily tasks of feeding, walking and exercising your pet requires, but ensures their stay with us is like their own mini-vacation, complete with plenty of playtime and belly rubs.

Most important, because our cat and dog boarding kennels are connected to our pet clinic, your pet has access to an on-site veterinarian and full medical staff 24/7. We can administer medication and injections, monitor your pet’s condition overnight and even deliver emergency care on the spot, no matter the time of day! This high-level medical boarding ensures older pets and those with chronic health conditions are continually supervised.

Vaccine Protocol

Record history and vaccination updates are required prior to stay. Pets must be up-to-date on the following vaccinations to board at Hawthorne Animal Hospital:


  • Rabies 1 or 3 year
  • DHPP, DHLPP, DHPP-C, or DHP, Parvo 1 or 3 year
  • Fecal Flotation (Negative)
  • Bordetella (Kennel cough)
  • CIV (Canine Influenza)


  • Rabies 1 or 3 year
  • FVRCP 1 or 3 year
  • Fecal Flotation (Negative)

Proof of vaccinations must be provided before any reservation can be performed. If your pet is not up to date with the required vaccines, please make an appointment with us or your regular DVM 10-14 days prior to your boarding stay to keep your pet up to date on all vaccines required by Hawthorne Animal Hospital.

Flea Free Facility

If flea dirt, fleas or ticks are found on your pet(s) during their boarding stay, your pet(s) will be treated accordingly at your own expense.

Pricing for Non-Client Pet Boarding

Dog Villas

additional dog in the same cage + $37.,90

Cage (Dog)


Half of Feline Condo


Full Cat Condo

additional cat in the same condo + $16.20

Pricing for Client Pet Boarding

Dog Villas

additional dog in the same cage + $31.83

Cage (dog)


Half of Feline Condo


Full Cat Condo

additional cat in the same condo + $13.79

OSHA Fees: An additional one-time fee of $4.71 is applied to each pet per stay.


Hawthorne’s Villas are spacious canine accommodations for all sizes! Offering approximately thirty square feet of space, the villas also include a comfortable cot style bed. A complimentary bath is given on the day of check out to all Villa guests staying a minimum of two nights or more.
Villa cameras available upon request for $5! First come, first served!

Standard Cage

Our Standard Cage accommodations are geared toward our small and medium sized canine guests. These 4’x3’ or 5’x3’ cages are in a quieter area separate from our larger runs.

Feline Condo

Hawthorne’s Kitty condos provide feline guests with a room with a view if you so choose. This double “room” accommodation is great for multi-cat families or can be converted to a single space for a discount! Sharing single units is not permitted.

On-site Medical Care

While staying at Hawthorne, all guests have access to the medical staff and the hospital for routine and emergency care. Staff and a veterinarian are available 24/7 to care for our pet.


One of our animal care specialists will spend one-on-one time with each guest. The time will be spent walking or playing with toys. You can also request specific activities. Since safety is a top priority for us, we do not offer community playtimes involving multiple guests from more than one family. Playtimes are available in 10 minute increments at an additional cost.

Admission and Departure

  • Admissions, departures and reservations are handled seven days a week to accommodate your busy schedule
  • Check-in is 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday – Friday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Check-out is before 1 p.m. daily
  • There will be an additional charge for early check-in or late check-out
  • Please allow 15-20 minutes for admission and departure
  • Admissions and departures are closed on all major holidays,; however staff is here to care for our guests

Reservations are based on availability. Advanced booking is strongly recommended during summer months and around holidays.