Dog And Puppy Training - Steps To Help You And Your Dog Build A Stronger Bond

As much as you love your best friend, sometimes their annoying little habits can put you on edge. At The Dog House in Glen Carbon, our trainers can help both you and your furry buddy modify your behaviors so you can have the best relationship possible for years to come!

Whether your puppy needs basic obedience training or your older dog is dealing with aggression issues, The Dog House offers a variety of class options to target bad behavior on the spot and teach you how to deter poor manners at home. With positive reinforcement and the right communication, you can stop the jumping, leash-pulling and furniture-chewing that comes naturally to every canine.

What Obedience Training Classes Does The Dog House Offer?

All dog training at The Dog House starts with a one-on-one consultation with our expert dog trainers. During your 30-40-minute consultation, you’ll meet with your trainer, share a little background on your dog or puppy, and discuss the behaviors you would like changed to help the trainer choose the best training option for your pet. Consultations are $25, or you can receive a free consult if you enroll in a Hawthorne Animal Hospital Wellness Membership plan.

Our lineup of classes includes:​

Puppy Obedience Training Group Classes

Held every Saturday at 10 a.m., our six-week group classes help your littlest family member socialize with other puppies, learn how to leash walk, and discover how to obey basic commands, like sit and come. (for puppies under 20 weeks of age) $135 for a second pet

Dog Training Group Classes

If your older dog could use a refresher course or build on the cues they already know, our six-week basic training class helps improve their doggy manners and teaches them more advanced commands. Classes are held Saturdays at noon. $135 for a second pet


Pending $20-$35 temperament test


Pending $20-$35 temperament test

1-on-1 Session

Our dog trainers offer personal one-hour training sessions that are customized for your pet based on the behaviors discussed in your consultation. You can stay and participate or drop off your canine for the time purchased.

Behavior Rehab

Through 1-on-1 sessions, The Dog House can help rehabilitate dogs who display canine or human aggression. The training is especially beneficial for those dogs recently rescued from a shelter. Depending on the behavior, sessions can run between one to two hours. Owners can drop off their dog or participate in training.

Home Training Sessions

To better fit your schedule or to ease the anxiety your pup may experience in a group class, The Dog House offers in-home training to teach your dog basic commands on their turf.

To participate in any of our training, your pet must be up to date on their rabies, DHPP, CIV and Bordetella vaccines, and have a negative fecal result.

While our experts can tackle the trickiest of behavior issues through rewards-based dog training, there are so many other benefits to registering for a class or private session. Training offers the mental stimulation an active dog craves, makes them more confident in new situations, and strengthens the loving bond between pet and owner. For more information on any of our training classes, contact The Dog House in Glen Carbon at 618-288-3971.

Meet Our Trainers

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