Hawthorne Mobile Vet Services - Bringing Exceptional Pet Care Home To You

Let’s face it—no one wants to go to the doctor. Whether you’re human, canine or feline, walking through into any medical clinic can immediately put you on edge.

When your pet is in pain or you need to schedule a check-up, there’s no reason to add panic to the mix! With our Mobile Vet Service, the veterinarians at Hawthorne Animal Hospital in Glen Carbon can bring the vet clinic home to you if your pet is a current patient. By treating your dog or cat where they’re most comfortable, Hawthorne eases anxiety for everyone involved, including you!

Our Mobile Vet Services van can deliver at-home pet care to Hawthorne clients anywhere in Madison or St. Clair county.

Why a Mobile Vet Clinic May be the Right Choice for Your Pet

Hawthorne’s Mobile Vet services are available only to patients who have received ongoing care from our veterinarians. If you’re facing any of the following issues with your pet, it may be time to consider a mobile appointment over a visit to our veterinary clinic:

  • Your pet suffers from extreme anxiety during vet visits.
  • They are uncooperative when you try to put them in a carrier or get them into a car.
  • You have multiple pets that all need exams at the same time.
  • Your pet is older and having trouble moving around, or they’re suffering from a chronic condition.
  • Your own schedule or health prevents you from coming into our Glen Carbon or Troy vet clinic.
  • Your pet is receiving end of life care from Hawthorne.
  • It’s time for your pet to be euthanized, but you want it performed in the comfort of home

The Pet Care We Can Provide to Your Dog or Cat at Home

Through our Mobile Vet Services, Hawthorne veterinarians and technicians can deliver many of the same procedures and treatments your pet would receive in our Glen Carbon or Troy vet clinic.

As pet owners ourselves, we know how hard it can be to get your dog or cat to their check-ups. That’s why we’re happy to make you and your pet’s life easier. If you are a current Hawthorne client and would like to schedule our Mobile Vet Service, contact our pet clinic in Glen Carbon or Troy today at 618-288-3971.