Keep your dog healthy for less

with our monthly payment plan​

  • Canine Complete Care Plan $49/mo

    One-Time Enrollment Fee: $49.99

Save over $202 with our Wellness Plan!

Plan includes:

  • Bi-annual preventive care examinations
  • Intestinal parasite fecal exam
  • Heartworm/tick borne disease test
  • Adult Early Detection Panel – chemistry, CBC, T4, and heartworm test
  • Core vaccinations as recommended by your veterinarian – may include DHPP, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Influenza (CIV), and Rabies
  • 2 Complimentary ear swabs with microscopic review
  • 2 Complimentary nail trims
  • Complimentary temperament test with certified trainer
  • Complimentary 20 minute underwater treadmill session, plus 20% off additional sessions/packages
  • Free access to private dog park
  • Emergency fee waived for plan member

Add-On Services Include:

  • Microchip and registration ($3.18/month)
  • Proheart12 injection –  Heartworm preventative ($6.54/month)
  • Simparica Flea/tick preventative – 12 doses ($16.58/month)
  • Dental procedure (grade 1-2) – includes pre-anesthetic blood panel, full mouth radiographs, IV catheter and fluids, anesthesia, monitoring and injectable medications ($36.28-$39.61/month depending on size)
  • (**Does not include extractions, oral surgery, additional anesthesia or take home medications)
  • Add on gastropexy ($13.33/month)
  • Angel Fund monthly donation ($2.00/month)
  • Lyme Vaccine (initial and annual)
adult dog wellness plan

Why does your dog need preventive care?

Regular preventive care is essential for your adult dog’s continued health. Our wellness plan saves you money on the total cost of recommended preventive care and treatments. Best of all, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments – making it easy to manage your dog’s healthcare costs.

Vaccinations help healthy dogs stay healthy

Your veterinarian will recommend the vaccination protocol that is most appropriate for your dog based on lifestyle, breed, and other important factors.

Diseases can creep up quickly and quietly

Dogs age much more rapidly than we do. So even if your dog looks perfectly healthy, illness and disease could be lurking undetected. Physical exams and diagnostic tests are crucial for finding problems not visible to the naked eye.

Prevention is the key to better health

Preventative care can improve your adult dog’s quality of life and help add more healthy years. It’s essential for detecting diseases early on, before they become more serious – and more expensive.