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Video Resources for Pet Care Tips and Health Advice

Dr. Helmers describes the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) located within the Glen Carbon location of Hawthorne Animal Hospital. She also discusses how we provide the best overnight care with a doctor on staff 24/7.

Dr. Helmers describes some conditions you already know would be an emergency, as well as some things to watch for that should be treated as an emergency. These are the conditions you should call us for immediately. We are available 24/7 for your pet’s urgent needs.

Dr. Davis describes all the things you can expect from a Nose-to-Tail exam of your dog when you come to our clinic. She also discusses the frequency of when these annual (or bi-annual) wellness exams should happen.

Dr. Davis describes all the things you can expect from our Nose-to-Tail exam of your cat when you come to our veterinary clinic in Glen Carbon or Troy. She also discusses how frequently you need a thorough exam.

It is never easy when the time comes to let your pet go. Learn more from Dr. Ellen Helmers about how our clinic helps guide you through this difficult process.

Dr. Helmers describes her certification in hospice and at home euthanasia. We help tailor these appointments to you and your family’s needs when it comes to end of life care.

Dr. Myer talks about how our latest service, Sit.Stay.Heal., offers our pet owners the option to text us to see if their pet needs to be seen or just monitored.

Dr. Amber Spaur talks about the measures we are taking at Hawthorne Animal Hospital to ensure the safety of you and your pet during COVID-19.

Dr. Jennifer Davis discusses some safety measures you need to be aware of if you are taking your dog to the dog park, as well as vaccines and other necessary health concerns you should also be aware of.

Dr. Paul Myer discusses what it means to be AAHA accredited and why we take it very seriously at our clinic.

Dr. Jennifer Davis shares the story of Titan, a doberman pinscher, that was suffering from blastomycosis. She explains what this is, and why it was necessary to bring him to our facility for treatment.

Dr. Kirk Hubbard is explaining the importance of vaccines – and how our clinic can make it easy for you and your pet to stay up to date on your vaccines.

Introducing Christine at our Dog Park. She is here to show you some of the commands that we teach in our Basic Obedience Class. Learn more here and visit our website for more information!

Dr. Hubbard explains our new Wellness Care Plans that we have available at our clinic. These plans are customizable to you and the lifestyle of your pet. Learn more about them here.

One of our expert trainers, Ashley, explains how behavioral therapy helps dogs and the different types of behaviors we can help with. For more information about our training, please visit our website!

If you have the drive to hit the ground running and the desire to expand your skills in all areas of care, Hawthorne Animal Hospital offers expert-led clinical training you won’t find anywhere else. We are the largest AAHA-accredited regional specialty center, trauma center and 24/7 animal hospital in Southern Illinois. Hawthorne is staffed with a full team of experienced veterinarians, each one dedicated to making your first years in the field a success.

Did you know that your pets age exponentially faster than humans? Dr. Ellen Helmers describes why it is important to bring your pet in twice a year once they reach senior age status, as well as some of the things we are looking for to stay on top of your senior pet’s health.

When a pet comes in for surgery, it is customary for us to discuss whether or not you want us to provide CPR in the event your pet needs life-saving treatment. Dr. Ellen Helmers explains more about how this works and what this looks like.

Ashley Cooper, one of our trainers at Hawthorne’s Dog Park, describes what behavioral rehab is and how this service could benefit your dog.

Dr. Amber Spaur is here with one of our groomers, Gayle, to talk about the various methods we use to make your pet more comfortable if they get anxious during grooming.

Christine Winkless, one of our certified trainers at the Dog House, is here to give you some helpful tips on how to prepare your puppy for grooming to help ease their anxiety.

One of our techs, Alaina, is here to explain a little more about what heartworms are, how they can easily be prevented, and why preventing heartworms in your dog is so important.

Kylee, one of our vet techs, is here to show you how to set yourself for success when it is time to give your cat a pill.

One of our techs, Alaina, is here to explain more about why taking care of your pet’s teeth is so important. In addition, she also gives us tips on how to brush their teeth at home – in between dental health check ups in our clinic.

We would like to introduce you to our superstar dog groomer, Gayle! Learn all about Gayle’s background, experience, and all the knowledge she has to take good care of your dog!

Here at the Dog House, we have many methods to help train your dog to stop barking so much. Listen as one of our trainers, Ashley, explains some various methods you can try at home. If all else fails, we’re here to help!

We know the prospect of x-rays for your pet can be scary and a lot of pet owners don’t want to go to the expense. But the x-ray fee can actually be a huge life-saver, and money-saver, in the end. Listen as Alaina describes why we do x-rays the way we do, and how beneficial they can be in helping us diagnose and treat your furry loved one.

Sergeant Zack Spaur of the Litchfield Police Department is here with his canine counterpart, Wookie, to explain more about our Angel Fund.

Bringing home a new pet or a baby, or even a new object, can cause some anxiety with the pets you currently have. Jen is here to share some tips on how to get them acclimated before and during this exciting time.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Alaina is here to explain the importance of taking care of your dog or cat’s teeth and what you can do at home to help them. She also explains how we are able to help you here at our clinic for comprehensive care.

Jen is here to explain how we can help if your pet suffers from anxiety. There are a lot of things you can do at home to help create a “Fear Free” environment for your pet. And if you need more support, we’re always here to help!

If your pet has to be put under anesthesia for any reason, we know it can be scary for you. Listen as our vet tech, Sadie, explains how the process works and all the measures we are taking to ensure the health and safety of your pet during this process.

Much like you after surgery or an injury, pets need to have proper rehabilitation to aid in recovery. Let Alaina explain more about what we offer here at our clinic.

Hawthorne Animal Hospital, a small animal hospital and veterinary clinic, serves St. Louis Metro East area, including the communities of Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, Troy, Alton, Granite City, Collinsville, Highland, Wood River, Roxana, Bethalto, Godfrey, Worden, and Hamel.