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Local Dog Groomers in Edwardsville and Glen Carbon

Every dog deserves to look runway-ready, whether they’re headed to the local park or lounging the day away on the couch. At The Dog House in Glen Carbon, our expert local dog groomers can treat your pet to a head-to-tail makeover that will leave them walking out with a shinier coat, healthier skin and that glow of canine confidence! 

For anxious pets, our grooming services can be provided under sedation and monitored by one of our veterinarians.

Looking for a local dog groomer? The Dog House dog spa is open Monday through Thursday, offering convenient appointment hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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Book Now at the Dog House Day Spa

Choose option 4 for the Dog House to schedule your grooming appointment.

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Spa Packages

Includes bath, dry, and bandana/bow.

  • <8 lbs $30.06-36.14
  • Short hair 9-15 lbs $36.14-42.23
  • Long/curly hair 9-15 lbs $36.14-42.23
  • Short hair 16-34 lbs $42.23-48.31
  • Long/curly hair 16-34 lbs $42.23-54.39
  • Short hair 55-74 lbs $54.39-60.48

    Boxer, lab, etc.

  • Long/curly hair 55-74 lbs $60.48-72.64

    Husky, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Golden Doodle

  • Short hair 75-99 lbs $60.48-72.64
  • Double coat/long hair 75-99 lbs $66.56-78.71

    Malamute, German Shepherd, Samoyed, English Sheepdog

  • Short hair >100 lbs $66.56-78.71
  • Long hair >100 lbs $72.64-84.81

    St. Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland

Full Service Groom

Includes bath, dry, nail trim/Dremel, ear cleaning, shave paw pads, sanitary shave, cologne, and bandana/bow*

  • <8 lbs $48.31-54.39
  • >15 lbs $54.39-60.48
  • 16-34 lbs (small size) $66.56-78.71

    Cockapoos, Bichons, Toy Poodles, Mini Schnauzers, Cavaliers

  • 35-54 lbs (medium size) $78.71-84.81

    Cocker spaniel, Mini Doodles, Scotties, Mini Aussies, Aussies

  • 55-75 lbs (large size) $84.81-96.97

    Poodles, Airedales

  • All Standard Poodles & Double Coats $90.88-109.14
  • 75-100 lbs (XL size) $103.04-121.30

    St. Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, large breed Poodles

  • >100 lbs (XXL size) $121.30-145.61
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*These prices are generalized estimates, not exact prices. Prices vary on pet size, coat condition and animal temperament. Prices are determined solely by groomers. For more information, call The Dog House at 618-288-3971.

For the safety of our clients and their pets, we require dogs to have a negative fecal test and be up-to-date on the following vaccines: Rabies, DHPP, CIV, Bordetella. 

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ShedLESS Package

Includes Hot Oil treatment (helps give coat an extra boost, rejuvenates dry coats, and reduces matting and shedding) and a de-shedding treatment. Includes bandana or hair bow and scented spritz.

Starts at $23.98

happy dog having a hair trim at hawthorne animal hospital

Deluxe ShedLESS Package

Includes Hot Oil treatment, de-shedding treatment, teeth brushing, nail buffing, and paw balm. Includes bandana or hair bow and scented spritz

Starts at $30.06

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Pampered Pooch

Blueberry facial, custom shampoo depending on pet’s needs (mud bath, hot oil treatment, oatmeal shampoo, or hypo-allergenic shampoo), teeth brushing, Breath Refresh, and paw balm for the pawsitively perfect spa day! Includes bandana or hair bow and scented spritz.


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Puppy Bath & Trim

First time appointment for puppies up to 5 months who need a bath and light trim, plus TLC to get them comfortable visiting the salon. Includes:

  • Bath
  • 15 minutes of brushing
  • Nail trim and ear cleaning
  • Face, feet, fanny, and sanitary trim
  • 1-on-1 consultation


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Basic Add-Ons

  1. Teeth brushing $15.47
  2. Face, feet, fanny, and sanitary trim $26.42
  3. Blueberry facial $15.47
  4. Mud bath $15.47
  5. Hot oil $15.47
  6. Paw balm $11.81
  7. Gland expression $17.90
  8. De-shed, starting at $18 for small dogs, $24 and up for large dogs
  9. De-matting fee of $11.81 for every 15 minutes
  10. De-skunk bath $42.23
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Meet Our Dog Groomers in Glen Carbon

Gayle Rae

Gayle graduated from the Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Lexington, KY with the title of Pet Stylist. She has been grooming for over 30 years and is experienced in every breed of dog, in any style you would like or need. Gayle is versed in all the AKC breed standards, internal and external parasites, skin and coat conditions, and all aspects of dog grooming. Gayle excels at grooming techniques, including clippers, styling with scissors, and hand stripping of hard-coated breeds to help maintain their wiry coats (instead of clipping their hair away with a pair of clippers). 

Gayle has groomed in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky for veterinarians, mom-and-pop shops, boarding kennels, and corporate businesses – but now calls Hawthorne home.  Gayle owns schnauzers, both a miniature and a giant, along with Aussies and an American bully – and a few horses as well. 

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Book Your Pet’s Appointment at One of the Top Dog Salons in Edwardsville

A visit to dog spa is more than a day in the lap of luxury. It can be as important to your dog’s overall wellness as exercise, nutrition and vet check-ups! A professional dog groomer not only bathes and brushes your best friend, but they also keep an eye out for hidden health issues your pet may be suffering from, such as painful heat spots or dry patches, infections in their eyes or ears, or questionable lumps and bumps—conditions you can address before they become serious problems for your dog.

To learn more or to schedule your pet’s dog grooming session, contact The Dog House at 618-288-3971, ext. 4.

Hawthorne Animal Hospital, a small animal hospital and veterinary clinic, serves St. Louis Metro East area, including the communities of Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, Troy, Alton, Granite City, Collinsville, Highland, Wood River, Roxana, Bethalto, Godfrey, Worden, and Hamel.

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