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Compassionate End-of-Life Care for Dogs and Cats

There comes a time in every pet parent’s life when they have to face the hardest decision they’ll ever have to make. As they watch their dog or cat’s health decline because of a terminal illness or the effects of aging, they’re left to choose between the heartbreak of euthanasia and their pet’s quality of life.

Hawthorne’s care team have helped families navigate this difficult time in their lives for years and are here to help you when the time comes.

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What is the Difference Between Pet Hospice Care and Pet Palliative Care?

While Hawthorne offers both hospice and palliative care to enhance a pet’s comfort, the treatments vary depending on the pet’s diagnosis.

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Caring for Terminally Ill Pets - What Does Pet Hospice Care Include?

Because every pet and family are different, your cat or dog hospice care plan is tailored specifically for you. Dr. Helmers and our technicians will meet with you to understand your pet’s needs, your family’s schedule, and your own comfort level with providing care at home. With regular check-ins and monitoring, we can help you determine if there are still happy days ahead and when it’s finally time to say good-bye.

Pet hospice care may involve a combination of:

Depending on the level of care you choose, you can also receive unlimited phone consulting with Dr. Helmers in your pet’s final days to help you make informed, up-to-the-minute decisions about their care.

Euthanasia Services

As a 24-hour pet hospital, Hawthorne offers euthanasia for cats and dogs at our clinic anytime, including in an emergency situation. We strive to make your good-bye as comfortable as possible, with a caring team by your side at this difficult time.

During the procedure, your pet will receive a sedative that will ease their anxiety and put them to sleep. They’re then gently injected with a medication that allows them to pass painlessly and peacefully, surrounded by the people they love the most.

How do I know if we’re ready to say good-bye?

At the end of their life, pets have their good days and bad days. By keeping your veterinarian informed on your pet’s health, together you can determine if their suffering is too much for them to handle. Some signs that euthanasia may be the most compassionate option include:

To learn more about our full range of end-of-life services, please contact our hospice care team at 618-288-3971.

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