Let Our Diagnostics Team Uncover What’s Causing your Pet’s Pain

Our pets can’t tell us when they feel sick, but they can show us. If they’re not racing to their food bowl like usual, or if they’re skipping a game of catch to curl up on the couch, there’s a good chance something is causing them pain. Getting to the root of the problem as quickly as possible is key to returning them back to their bouncy, slobbery selves.

Whether your pet makes an emergency visit to Hawthorne Animal Hospital’s 24/7 ER department or pops in for a wellness checkup, our team delivers state-of-the-art diagnostic medical testing, including radiology and ultrasounds, to pinpoint any health concerns on the spot. With accurate information in hand, we can ensure we’re treating the right problem, easing pain for your pet, and saving you time and money down the road.

dog patiently awaiting a diagnostics check-up

Laboratory Services

Hawthorne’s diagnostic lab provides state-of-the-art medical testing for a variety of infectious diseases, parasites and toxins that can make your pet sick, as well as underlying health problems that come courtesy of your pet’s genetic background and age. Our in-house blood and urine panels include, but are not limited to:

For more in-depth labs, bloodwork is sent to our partner lab, Antech Diagnostics, and include:

dr paul myer carrying out a diagnostics check-up at hawthorne animal hospital

Radiology Services

X-rays and ultrasounds are essential in identifying problems that may be affecting your pet’s well-being, from broken bones and hip dysplasia to tumors and bladder stones. Through Hawthorne’s extensive digital radiology and medical imaging services, our providers can turn a question about your pet’s health into a custom treatment plan for their short- and long-term care.

All imaging Hawthorne performs is non-invasive and completely painless. Digital X-rays and ultrasounds are instantly viewable and reviewed by our DVMs. In most cases, images are also sent to a board-certified radiologist for review.

Because of Hawthorne’s extensive experience in the field and our breadth of in-house radiology services, we are the top referral imaging center in the Metro East, serving hundreds of pets and their parents each year.

Hawthorne Animal Hospital, a small animal hospital and veterinary clinic, serves St. Louis Metro East area, including the communities of Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, Troy, Alton, Granite City, Collinsville, Highland, Wood River, Roxana, Bethalto, Godfrey, Worden, and Hamel.

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