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Gus’s Story

Everyone Meet Gus!

He is a sweet 7 year old Heeler that came to Dr. Spaur on January 13th for a 2 day history of vomiting, anorexia and lethargy. The poor fella just wasn’t feeling up to par.

Unfortunately, he had previously gotten into some trouble from eating foreign objects, so it was necessary to do some further diagnostics. Upon admission we ran some standard lab work to check the organ functions and blood counts, then began IV fluids and medications to help prevent dehydration and continued vomiting.

After taking radiographs of Gus’s Abdomen, it was discovered that he had a round foreign object in his small intestine. A few hours later the second set of x-rays showed that the little buddy living in his belly was not it’s way out without some help. After speaking with Gus’s parents, it was decided that surgery would be the best option to get this boy back on his feet.

Dr. Spaur was able to easily locate the cause of the problem, which turned out to be a Nerf ball! Apparently Gus just wanted to play with the toys like his two big brothers! Thankfuly, we were able to get him all fixed up and quickly on the  road to recovery. He is now feeling much better and is back to his spunky self. He is able to play happily with his brothers again, but now without any Nerf toy available!


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