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Milo’s Story

dog at hawthorne about to have a checkup

Our featured trouble maker this round is Milo!

Milo is an eleven month old Labrador who was seen by Dr. Kane on January 24th. A few days after he chomped on a basket of socks, his family noticed he was vomiting throughout the day. They also found some fabric in his stool when he went out to potty!

It was no surprise when we found a possible foreign object in Milo’s belly when x-rays were taken. But surprisingly, it was a round shaped object that did not appear to be a fabric. Since he was bright and happy upon his admission to the hospital we hoped that administering  IV fluids and medications would allow for the foreign object to pass through Milo’s system on its own. The object made some movement throughout the night, upon rechecking radiographs his next day was not so lucky.  The foreign material decided it enjoyed its home and did not want to continue its journey through Milo’s body.

Dr. Spaur preformed a laparotomy and found a bouncy ball in Milo’s intestines! Recovery was no match for Milo. He bounced right back to his normal, crazy self quite soon after his procedure! We often keep these surgery pets for a day or two after their operation, but since Milo ate so eagerly, he was able to break free within 24 hours from surgery!


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