nose to tail exam for dogs

Nose-to-tail Exam for Dogs

by Dr. Jennifer Davis

One year in a dog’s life is similar to seven years in our life, so it’s important for dogs to get a complete annual exam.

During our nose-to-tail exam, we check their nose, eyes, ears, teeth – their teeth are very important to check. We check their heart, lungs, belly, we check their joints. We check their skin, check for lumps and bumps, and check for external parasites like fleas and ticks.

It’s very important for dogs to come in at least once a year when they’re older. When they’re older than seven, it’d be nice if they can come in twice a year. Most of the time, the dog is pretty happy to get in the car and come see us.

A lot can change in a year, so please bring your pets in at least once a year to see us for that complete exam!

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