Wellness Services for Dogs and Cats - Better Care at a More Affordable Cost

The Advantages of Hawthorne Preventative Care Services

The easiest way to help your pet live their healthiest life is to provide them with the best preventative care from day one. Every dog or cat needs a yearly check-up with a veterinarian—and not just for their annual vaccines. At Hawthorne Animal Hospital, your pet receives a complete nose-to-tail exam to uncover any hidden health issues before they become a serious—and expensive—problem.

With a caring team on staff and wellness plans available, we make preventative visits less stressful for your pet and more affordable for you!

As we recover and catch up on appointments after the COVID-19 shut-down, all wellness checkups and vaccines will be performed at our Dog House facility. This change helps Hawthorne adhere to social distancing guidelines for our clients’ health and safety while making scheduling more convenient for pet parents.

  • Wellness Plans – Our monthly payment plans help cover the year-round services your pet needs most, including dental care, bi-annual exams and core vaccinations, as well as value-added benefits like nail trims and free trainer consultations. Depending on your pet’s age, you can save between $300 to $500 a year! Click here to sign up!
  • Vaccines – Hawthorne veterinary clinic administers annual vaccines for dogs and cats, and offers an inoffice and online pharmacy so you can stock up on preventative medications, supplements and other wellness products.
  • Spay & Neuter SurgerySpay and neuter surgery not only prevents unexpected litters from filling your home, but also lowers your pet’s cancer risk, helps improves their behavior and increases their chances of living a longer life with you.
  • Mobile Vet Services – If your pet suffers from a debilitating health problem or if coming to the vet clinic puts them on edge, our veterinarians and techs can bring care directly to you! Your dog or cat can receive the same vaccinations and exams they would in the office, but in the comfort and familiarity of home. Mobile Vet Services are available only to Hawthorne clients who have received care in our clinic.
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There’s no better time than now to put your pet on the road to better health. Contact us today at 618-288-3971 to schedule a preventative exam with a Hawthorne DVM at our Glen Carbon or Troy pet clinic.